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About: Education in the Digital Age

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Education in the Digital Age is a course required for ALL first-year Foothill students. Education in the Digital Age is an FTHS graduation requirement. In addition to our own EDA research projects and products, we also collaborate with the other grade 9 courses including Biology, Health/Geography, Physical Education, English and Mathematics via integrated projects. EDA covers all the information and software/hardware skills required to successfully complete core class projects and to matriculate successly from Foothill Technology High School.

A freshman student cannot afford NOT to take this class - there is no substitute or more advanced course that provides for the information, skills and project time allowed in EDA.

We address the majority of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students by teaching the technology through projects focusing on meaningful, real-world content such as personal budgeting, buying a car, renting a house/apartment, finding travel information, planning high school schedules to meet college entrance requirements, preparing for college financing, college and career research, resume writing and much more. The projects the students in EDA complete will include the teaching and utilization of the following (at the minimum):

  • Microsoft Office
    • Word (word processing and desktop publishing)
    • Excel (spreadsheet and database functions)
    • PowerPoint
  • Inspiration
  • Internet Explorer
  • Graphic Editing with Fireworks and Photoshop
  • Introduction to Flash Animation
  • Computer Systems
  • File Management and Organization
  • Research and Citation Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Multimedia Development/Design and Presentation Skills
  • Touch Typing
  • Electronic Mail
  • Ethical Issues Relevant to Technology Use

All incoming students are expected to complete a year of Education in the Digital Age - this is a requirement for graduation from Foothill.

After successful completion of Education in the Digital Age, students may enroll in other technology classes at Foothill, including Web Page Design, Visual Communications, Digital Art and Design, Digital Animation, Digital Photography and Filmmaking.

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