Project: Community Service Proposal - 60 points

We are going to take a meaningful look at the Community Service Requirements that are in place for graduation from FTHS and explore possibilities for individual service.

Part 1:
Points: 5+1+17

Community Service Articles

Select and read one of the four articles on Community Service organizations.

Complete the "Reflections Questions" hand-out.

Discuss responses in small groups - add content to your paper as great ideas are shared by others.

Prepare questions 1 and 5 for class sharing - assign a speaker for each question.


Part 2:
Points: 24

Community Service Organization Research

After the PowerPoint presentation on Community Service, review the Currently Approved Service Organizations List which is available online at the Foothill website - click the Community Service button - look at Media Center site menu on left hand side - first link says "Community Service Information".

Choose 4 organizations on the approved list to research for your proposal. Number four may be an organization that is not on the list and for which you may want to write a proposal for approval.

Complete your "Community Service Research Notes" form.


Part 3:
Points: 36

Community Service Newsletter

Every student will develop a written Community Service Proposal using the information gathered from the presentation and part 2. Your paper should be 6 paragraphs in length as described below. Please be sure to re-read and revise your work before printing it on the due date. Use complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation and complete/logical organization of your thoughts.

  • Article 1 - Introduction to the concept of community service (requirements, recognition, rewards - intrinsic and extrinsic, relevance) using information gleaned from the instructor's presentation.
  • Articles 2-5 - Summary of information for each of the 4 organizations you researched using ALL of the information collected in your "Community Service Research Notes" form.
    • Put the information into paragraph form in a logical order (organization name and founding data, their purpose/goals, the reasons you are interested)
    • all pertinent contact information in bullets for WIKI
  • Article 6 - Closing in which you share your "proposed" timeline for completing your community service requirements for graduation.
    • Your "timeline" should be VERY DETAILED AND SPECIFIC by grade level (e.g., In grade 9, I plan to do service for XXX Organization. I would like to complete a total of at least 20 hours by working 2 hours each Saturday for 10 weeks in the spring.)
    • Include some thoughts/reflections on why community service may serve an important role in your development into adulthood and how you feel the experience may enrich your life experience(s).



Newsletter Formatting

Formatting Steps for Final Draft:

~Line spacing: SINGLE, 0pt before, 0pt after

~1-inch margins (adjust down if you need more space)

~Create two columns - Do NOT select text, click at start

~Page border - Use OPTIONS to set from "Edge of Text"

~Title fonts - style/size/color

~Paragraph fonts - style/size - MUST BE EASY TO READ

~One graphic per article - use text-wrapping

~Create a masthead using WordArt - text-wrap, stretch across top

~Create a byline below masthead, name and period #

~Balance your newsletter - get rid of white space at end